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At Carpestry, we strive to get individual creativity translated into custom made rugs. Whether these are for a home or commercial space, rugs made by us are designed in collaboration with creative interior designers , artists , designers and creators.


Crafted with careful consideration of the space and use of the rugs and inspired by the creative design thoughts and preferences of the user , we provide a unique service that enables the end user to own a long lasting asset that has encapsulated their personal preferences. .

Artisanal Weaver
Image by Patrick Hendry

Custom Designs, Custom Sizes, Custom Materials , Custom Weaves

Image by Julian Yu

            Made in India , For the World 

Carpestry Services 

Carpestry works with Designers, Architects, Project Managers, Retailers to create and produce Custom Made Rugs for their Customers 

Rug Designing   

Our team of designers can work with your inspiration and ideas to create a range of rug designs for you to convert into rugs. This can help in creation of your catalogue or for specific projects where there is a need to present designs before commencing the project 

Custom Rug Production

If you have designs or inspirations and would like these converted to Wall or Floor Rugs, our teams can work with you to Design, Produce and Deliver Bespoke Custom Rugs. Shape, Size, Materials, Weaves, Designs, Colors. All as per your choice 

Rug Drop Shipping 

As a retailer of business, you can have your designs produced by us and keep inventory with us for these to be delivered to you or your customers based on orders. This includes custom production of your pre-selected designs.

Drop Shipping Worldwide.

Carpestry Solutions opens doors for a multitude of creative professionals and businesses, catering to the unique needs of interior designers, furniture stores, artists, and designers alike.


For interior designers seeking the perfect rug to complement their envisioned spaces, Carpestry offers a diverse collection of ready-to-ship and customizable rugs, fostering seamless integration into their design projects.


Furniture stores looking to expand their product range benefit from our streamlined B2B services, enabling effortless access to exquisite rugs to enrich their inventory.


Artists and designers seeking inspiration or collaboration find a platform to explore innovative rug designs and materialize their creative visions through our customizable solutions. serves as a comprehensive resource, empowering diverse professionals to elevate their projects and offerings with high-quality, Made in India rugs backed by Tiger Pug.


Image Gallery

There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. As you browse our site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.

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