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Furniture Retailers !  
Add Custom and Readymade Rugs to Your Store 

Enhance Your Business with Exquisite Rugs


At Carpestry, we present an exclusive opportunity for your business to expand its offerings by seamlessly integrating a wide array of rugs, both ready-to-ship and customizable, into your online and in-store inventory.


Our B2B direct business model is tailored to serve you directly, streamlining the process of enriching your product line with premium rugs.


How We Collaborate with Your Business:

  • Diverse Designs: Choose from our curated selection of designs to effortlessly enhance your rug catalogue.

  • Transparent Pricing: Access estimated landed prices for rugs delivered directly to you.

  • Ready-to-Sell: List these exquisite rugs on your platform, whether online or in-store, and start selling immediately.

  • Efficient Shipping: Upon receiving orders, we handle the shipping process directly to you or your customers.

  • Custom Solutions: For bespoke needs in design, color, size, material, and weave, our teams collaborate with yours to develop tailored rugs.


Simplifying Rug Sales for Your Business:


We understand the challenges of adding rugs to your assortment, from stocking to displaying and selling. Carpestry simplifies this process, empowering your business to effortlessly diversify its products.


Advantages of Adding Rugs to Your Business:

  • Revenue Boost: Offer additional products, unlocking new revenue streams for your business.

  • Low Investment: Collect payments from customers before placing orders with us, minimizing upfront costs.

  • Boost Online Presence: Listing rugs on your website can attract organic traffic, leveraging the high demand for quality rugs. operates under the umbrella of Tiger Pug, an India-based international trading company renowned for delivering high-quality rugs worldwide. Our teams ensure seamless processes and uphold the highest standards in every aspect of collaboration.

We invite you to explore this enriching opportunity. Contact us via email at or WhatsApp us at +12123801356. Alternatively, send us the form below to initiate collaboration. Let's schedule a call at your earliest convenience to discuss how Carpestry can elevate your business offerings.

Thank you for considering Carpestry as your rug solution partner.

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